Time Is Medicine

by Molly Parden

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recorded in Joel's bedroom in Grant Park
photo by Kelly Lewis (www.kellyisnice.com)
--no animals were harmed in the making of this project, only afterward--
(R.I.P. small white horse)


released April 20, 2011

recorded and produced by Joel Seibel in ATL
mixed by Danny Brewer in ATL
mastered by Andre Griffin in (you guessed it) ATL

*except for "A Song For My Mother"
produced and mixed by Lex Price (www.lexprice.com) in Nashville, TN
mastered by Jim Demain at Yes Master (www.yesmasterstudios.com) in Nashville, TN


all rights reserved



Molly Parden Nashville, Tennessee

No kin to Dolly


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Track Name: Lord Have Mercy
I wish I was in a different place
I wish I didn't always need all this personal space
I wish I cared like I said I would, I wish I wanted to be good
'Cause if I want something bad enough,
I'll work and think and try until I feel that I've done enough
and I'll be satisfied for the time being, I wish I wanted to be good
But right now I want to be noticed and I want to be seen
I wish someone would come to me and tell me what life means
I want what I want and it's not necessarily good
It's not the world that makes us worry deep inside
It's you and me-- are we living in the truth or a lie
Do we offer peace and forgiveness, do we want to be good
If I just listen to the words I read out loud
They teach me gently and show me how
The father can use me and together we are good
You're not alone in your sinful shame
Look at me I am dirty we are all the same
Lord have mercy, I just want to be good
Oh Lord have mercy, I just want to be good
You know I try to be patient and I wanna do things right
Time is not my forte but I've got all my life
To try and try and one of these days I am gonna be good
Track Name: Please Baby, Please
Please baby, please don't ask me to stay
Cause I've already made plans to leave
I cannot give you what you need
If you think what you need is me
It was closing our eyes, it was our goodbye kiss
But change wasn't something we tried
Did you poison my mind with your memory
Cause it seems like each thought's about you
You know I go soft for those baby blue eyes
But it's time
It's ti-i-i-i-i-i--i-i-i--i-me
You haven't changed much since I've seen you last
And I'm pretty much the same too
But I'm turning the page, I'm closing that door
And I think I'll get by without you
Oh you're still in my heart and I've learned so much more
And I can finally sleep well, I know that time will tell
That I don't have what it takes to love you
You weren't supposed to see my cry
But I'm fine
I'm fi-i-i-i-i-i-i-ine
Well it feels just like home to hold you again
But i'm not giving in
So please baby, please don't ask me why
Cause it's time
Track Name: Time Is Medicine
Why do I wanna cry
Why is Macon such a long, long ways away from home?
Friends come traveling for miles
Come and listen to my songs
Let them tell you who I am
Time is medicine that I can only take in a small dose
Boy is it a pill to swallow
Can you make the day go faster
Meet me in my favorite pasture
Cross the bridge and pass the white horse
In the comfort of the oak shade
Lay me down and watch the sun fade
Let the night time take its course
I am moving on so fast
It's easy to forget my past
I can't decide if that is good or bad
So I join in on every dance
Cause what if I pass up the chance
Of a lifetime in an instant
Baby take a walk, take a break
Take a smoke we can make good use of our time
Try to tell me try to start
You have my ears and my heart
I promise that I'll understand
That sometimes it's hard to be a man
Time is medicine that I can only take in a small dose
Boy is it a pill to swallow
But if you lead me I will follow
Track Name: The Gambler (Western Song)
I think I've had all I can take
I'd really like to get away
From faces I've never seen
Where everything's a mystery
I think I've had all I can take
Made one too many mistakes
I'd like to cash in my chips now
I'll take the blame for what I did now
Tangled, I've woven myself one big web of lies
I was impatient I hate that I cannot control time
What was I thinking gambling with the things I held so dear
Just call me back so you can feel the weight of all my tears
I think I've had all I can take
And I don't deserve for you to stay
But baby you just wait and see
That time will patch up everything
Track Name: Travellin' Souls
I see the ocean in your eyes
I see the callouses on your hands
And when life throws you a surprise
You seem to take it like a man

Inside your house upon the hill
The dishes are kind of piling up
But I put my fruit back in the fridge
And two ants are dancing on my coffee mug

I see the picture on the desk
The desk you built with your two hands
Danny, how can love so beautiful
Suddenly be put to rest?
You and I are travellin’ souls
Slowly finding our way
And when the road becomes our home
That’ll be a very good day
Well it’s clear our minds have been made
And there’s no turning back around
Now i’m not saying please forget about her
But let me help you to live again without her

I’m in the search for something too
It feels like I’m always on my way
I’d never been to Grant Park
Until you took me there that day

So let’s write some words and make a song
A song of time or of our kin
My voice is soft, but I can make it strong
When I sing about where I’ve been
You and I are travellin’ souls
Slowly finding our way
And when the road becomes our home
That’ll be a very good day
You and I are just travellin’ souls
Slowly finding our way in this world
And when the road becomes our homes
That’ll be a very good day
Yes I will be in love with that day
We’re just two travellin’ souls
Slowly finding our way
Oh and when the road becomes our home
That’ll be a good day
That’ll be a good day
Track Name: A Song For My Mother
Don't you ever take a stranger's hand
Or leave your clothes out in the rain
Keep the darks from the lights, hang 'em neatly to dry
Don't leave your bed undone, you're not yet free to roam
Keep your sisters in your hearts
Your little brothers in your arms
And don't you forget the way home
Don't turn your hearts against me now
'Cause my love's spread so thin
Of you there are many and me I'm just me
And my love's spread so thin, so thin
Through a mother's eyes it's a big bad world
It ain't a pretty place for all my pretty little girls
So when I tell you no, when I hold you back
There's a good reason why, you must know that
Mama teach me how to cook, I need to feed my family some day
Mama teach me how to sew, the clothes on my back may be the best friends I'll have
Mama teach me how to trust, I wanna love a man some day
Mama teach me how to hold my tongue
And learn to just wait for the world to just turn
Track Name: Every Day You Love Me
Every day you love me, I forget what I'm without
All the things I'm s'posed to do
All the people to call back
Though a master plan is one thing I lean upon
I remember that you love me
And the weight of the world is gone

Every time you hold me--
My arms, my hands, my back
No one gets this close to me and I'm quite alright with that
When I'm alone I'm searching like a lost and wayward song
For the arms of your embrace where I finally belong

Every word that's spoken I hear it with your voice
The cook who sings as he makes lunch
The babe that coos at her mother's touch
The whispers of the wildest woods can't ease my troubled mind
But lover when you speak my name
I know that I'll be fine
Track Name: Things Change
I cracked a window open to my soul to let the daylight in
I felt the cool breeze of a fresh new start blowing away lonely winds
And I almost held onto the thought that you cared for me
But the air grew cold, I gave up hope, and decided to leave you be

You're not something I claim to know, I guess you're like a kiss
I don't know why it's wonderful, I just know that it is
Some days I think you love me and then some days I must be blind
But my heart has finally come to terms that it just ain't our time

The thing I liked about you was how you toughened up my skin
I wasn't quite enough for you and you let me know that then
Well it won't take me long to move on 'cause that's just the way I am
I'll probably write you into my next song and find some other man

There are times when I do think of you, but they're few and far between
I try my best to shut them out kinda like you shut out me
But how can I forget the songs that you would sing each time I came
The truth my dear is I cannot, you remind me that things change
Track Name: The Story of A Man
The frame of a man, bones and shoulders
From his head to his toes, each day he gets older
The danger of a man, in all of his grandeur
With mighty arms to swing an axe, he cradles his children
My daddy is a man, he and his brothers
He works his back and his land, he is like no other
He took a woman for his bride, every day serving
I can see it in his eyes, I see it burning
Our human minds are prone to pattern
It keeps us sane but drives us mad
I don't want to end up like my mother
But I want a man just like my dad
My lover is a man, honest and dirty
He takes the good with the bad, he tells his story
Selfless and right, I trust the truth he claims
And with the lips that sing his songs, he also speaks my name

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